Best Places for a Night out in Lisbon

All this with very low prices, when compared to other european capitals, many come here for cheap beers and the chance to party the night away. Nighttime venues begin opening their doors at sunset and often do not close until early the following morning. With bars often remaining open until 3 or 4 AM and discos until 6 AM, a night out in Lisbon often does not end until the next day.

The good news about living at Xior is that you can be close to all the best spots in Lisbon!

Bairro alto

They are parallel and perpendicular. The streets, of course, that form the very distinctive and special Bairro Alto, the biggest symbol of a night bustle, which has always characterized the area.

Of all Lisbon’s neighborhoods, it’s hard to think of a more varied one than Bairro Alto.

At nightfall, a metamorphosis begins in the quiet neighborhood. The sun goes down, the streetlights come on, Bairro Alto wakes up and the night comes to life.

The Portuguese guitars are tuned, the voices are heated, and Portuguese Fado invades the soul and spirit of those who enjoy good Portuguese music. Outside, friends and strangers gather in large groups on the streets with a drink in their hands in pleasant conviviality. This is undoubtedly one of the characteristic images of Bairro Alto.

Cais do Sodré

This area, practically empty during the day, fills up with people of all kinds at night. Cais do Sodré, which was once a disreputable and somewhat forgotten area, has become a mandatory stopover for Lisbon night owls (and not only), especially since the opening of Musicbox and Pensão Amor.

In the famous Rua Cor-de-Rosa, a very diverse audience hovers every night, which is divided between bars and clubs, glass in hand throughout the night.

Lx Factory

The old fabric factory has gained a new life and today it is one of the most creative and modern places in the city, where you can enjoy a little bit of everything, from a place to work near by the Rio Tejo to restaurants.

The LX Factory is full of bars, restaurants and shops, in addition to frequently hosting different craft fairs. Just for that, it already needs to be on your itinerary in Lisbon. The atmosphere still offers a spectacular late afternoon and a perfect climate to enjoy the Lisbon night, after all, there are also clubs there. Not to mention the chance to get to know the work of several artists, either in the local galleries or in exhibitions that take place there.

Night Clubs

There are several types of clubs in Lisbon and for all musical tastes. However, the most popular are those where you can hear the hottest Latin rhythms, where the music invites you to dance in pairs. Discover the best clubs to dance in pairs in Lisbon and take the opportunity to give a little dance.

Along the river there are several clubs of all types of music, whether for a quieter vibe or to enjoy until the morning, all these clubs offer their customers the latest songs from the most successful DJ’s in the nightlife in addition to the possibility to dance to the rhythm of alternative sounds.

Some of the clubs open until later are Urban Beach, Lust, Lux Frágil, Mome, Plateau.

Urban Beach

If you are on the mood for some house music, this is the spot. It opens at 8pm as a dining destination, thanks to its two restaurants (one for sushi, another for meat), and at around midnight it turns into a bar and club partying until 6am. With several dancefloors, Urban Beach offers a diversified commercial musical selection, as well as one of the best views over the Tagus River. It’s found next to the Kais restaurant, which belongs to the same group, and is the perfect destination for a cocktail on the waterfront, often to the sound of national and international DJs. The sand and the location make this as close as you get to the beach in the center of the city.

It opens from Wednesday to Saturday (usually also on Tuesdays and Sundays during the summer), and is the favorite of college kids.

Lux Frágil

Every week, Lisbon’s clubbing powerhouse Lux Frágil plays host to a sparkling assortment of big-name DJs, rising international talent and beloved residents that make up the pulsating fabric of the city’s best nightspot.

The place is divided in three floors. On ground floor you will find the club area, a rectangle and dark room with two bars and a stage. First floor is a bar and lounge, with a smaller open space in the middle for dancing. But go to the balcony first and take your time to enjoy the river view. The decoration of the bar/ lounge changes at least every half year. The second floor is a roof/terrace, only open in summer.

Expect electronic music, two dancefloors and a rooftop terrace that’s perfect to watch the sunrise. The line can be a deterrent from 2.30am, when things start be really be interesting. As most bars in Bairro Alto close around 2:00 am, all bar owners, DJ’s and nightflies choose where to go. Doors close at 5:00. But the club stays open till about 08:00 or 09:00.


Mome is a space that used to be called the Main and has hosted excellent evenings in recent years. It was the popular “Kapital” for two decades, then changed to “Main” in late 2012, and is now “Mome”. Centrally located, it’s been revived as a popular weekend spot attracting young 20-somethings into the space divided into different areas.

Inaugurated for New Year’s Eve 2018, the Mome offers a general musical selection and a varied audience but more in their thirties and forties. DJs play the eclectic collection of music which keeps you elated for hours. The place is pleasant with 3 spaces: a restaurant on the 2nd floor with a beautiful view of the Tagus, a bar on the 1st floor with a good musical atmosphere, quality cocktails and different sofas and chairs to relax in a lounge atmosphere. On the ground floor, you are in the disco itself, which has 2 side bars and a large dance floor.


A survivor from the 90s, it’s still the place for 80’s and 90’s music, the club finds home in the south of Lisbon near the Tagus River in Santos, an area bustling with entertainment spots in the city’s south, the ideal choice for those who enjoy pop and mainstream sounds.

Plateau Lisbon is a must-visit club, a zen nightlife spot where wild weekends are accentuated in a calming environment. Plateau stands out with its Buddhist-inspired interior, showcasing dim lighting and earthy decor. The Lisbon nightclub is intimate, with a dance floor illuminated by several disco balls.

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