Portugal food guide: the best budget restaurants in Porto

Even though Porto is well-known for its signature dish, the Francesinha, and its Port Wine production, the city has much more to offer. Just like Lisbon, Porto has a diverse food scene, and it’s home to typical Portuguese restaurants, amazing dessert spots, historical bakeries, vegan restaurants and more.

Another advantage of Porto is that it has affordable restaurants where you can have incredible meals without having to dig deep in your pocket. So don’t worry about having to rely on frozen food and pasta, because during your Erasmus in Porto you’ll eat - and drink- well.

Want to find out more about the best cheap eats in Porto? Then check out our list with the top restaurants where you can eat incredible meals for under 10 euros in Porto. From breakfast to lunch, these will make your mouth water.

1. Confeitaria do Bolhão, for a comfort food breakfast Located in front of the Bolhão Market, this iconic patisserie with more than 100 years old serves many baked goodies for a very reasonable price. There are different types of bread, croissants, cakes, and more. So get ready for a carbs overdose!

One of Confeitaria does Bolhão’s specialities is the “Tigelinhas do Bolhão”, a tart filled with egg and almond custard (1€), which goes very well with a warm cup of coffee (0.65€).

They also have a lunch menu that includes the main dish, bread, a capsule drink or wine, and a coffee for 5,60€.

Location: Rua Formosa nº339

2. Taberna Santo António, for a very Portuguese lunch

Comfort food that tastes like something a Portuguese grandma would cook. This is the best way to describe Taberna Santo António’s dishes. Considered one of the best tascas in Porto, this restaurant is a great option for lunch. You can start by ordering some rissóis, deep-fried turnovers filled with shrimp (1€). The lunch dishes range from 7€ to 12€, like stuffed veal, roasted ham, pork cheek stew, cod patties with beans and rice, and sautéed codfish with potatoes and eggs. You can pair them with a glass of DOC Douro Wine (2€ to 4€) or a glass of beer (1€).

In Taberna de Santo António there are also good desserts, like the creamy chocolate cake (2,80€).

Reminder: call for reservations in advance, as the place is usually full.

Location: R. das Virtudes 32

3. Miss Pavlova, for the best pavlovas in Porto

Looking for a place where you can satisfy your sugar craving? Then head over to Miss Pavlova for a slice of that meringue-based dessert. In Miss Pavlova, the pavlovas are super light, and they come in many different flavours. The best-seller is the Black Forest, which has a brownie base, chocolate meringue and berries on top (3€ a slice). There are also other flavours like Oreo, Maltesers and lime, which can be paired with a cappuccino (2€) or an espresso (1€).

Location: Rua do Almada, 21 and Norteshopping (Rua Sara Afonso 105-117 Store 1.127)

4. Casa Guedes, for an afternoon or late-night snack

Rumours say that this traditional restaurant has the best pork sandwich in Porto. Casa Guedes opened in 1987 and it’s a snack bar where you can grab a bite and have a beer in the afternoon or night. The place is super simple and, in the 90s, it became famous among students and workers who were looking for budget meals in Porto.

Casa Guedes is run by two brothers, and the pulled pork sandwich has a special seasoning that the family developed over the years. The plain sandwich is 3,50€, but there are also versions with Serra cheese, which are 4,50€.

Location: Praça dos Poveiros, 130

5. Black Mamba, for a vegan healthy burger

Forget all you know about junk food because this burger place is everything but “junk”. Black Mamba is the first 100% vegan restaurant in Porto and it serves different types of no-meat burgers.

In Black Mamba, there are burgers made with soy, chickpeas, and even potatoes. A combo with a burger, french fries and a homemade drink is 7€.

For dessert, you can have gluten-free cupcakes or decadent peanut butter raw cheesecake.

The cool thing is that Black Mamba doesn’t position itself as a restaurant. They’re, instead, a unique space specialized in vegan food and analogue music, such as cassettes and vinyl.

Location: Rua dos Mártires da Liberdade 130 (10 minute walking from the metro stations Trindade and Aliados)

6. Tasquinha do Caco, for a tapas night with friends

Located close to the Asprela Campus, Tasquinha do Caco is a great spot for a beer and some tapas after class. Even though their speciality is the artisanal burgers, they also have delicious small bites that go well with a drink. There are spinach croquettes (0,90€), codfish fritters (1,50€), alheira (3,80€) and more tapas for sharing.

Location: R. Amândio Galhano 51

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